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The vagina is curved and tilts forward, toward the belly, at an angle. The inside of the vagina features lots of bumpy tissue called rugae. It's also full of bacteria and yeast, but unless the vagina is infected, that bacteria and yeast is healthy and necessary to maintain the vaginal ecosystem.

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DO I HAVE SCAR TISSUE? Scar tissue in the vagina can also cause adhesions where the walls of the vagina are fused. Vaginal Dryness The scar tissue inside you cannot be seen, and therefore you do not know the exact location or the extensiveness of the scar tissue.

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View answer. Is flap of gum tissue on teeth normal after tooth extraction? MD. Feeling of flap in vagina, traces of blood and tissue when finger inserted. History of natural childbrith after detecting small opening at cervix. Extra tissue flap inside vaginal opening is this normal.

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